MARCH 30, 2020

Exercises for every homebody


Boost your health and endorphins for this period of forced hibernation.

There was a meme circulating last week that says everyone will come out of this quarantine either as a great cook or as a fitness influencer. Which one would you want to be? 

Watch this space for lockdown-style cooking articles, but for now, we’ve compiled some home workouts you may want to try, if not to be an influencer, at least to boost your immunity and keep healthy at home.

The last thing we want to do in the middle of home quarantine is find another non-viral reason to feel sickly, so start moving and showing your body you only want the best for it. 

We gathered a diverse set of workouts crafted by our favourite local fitness studios—businesses who choose to create free-for-all, home-based fitness content even if they don’t earn anything from it—to remind us that when all this is over, we should go back to supporting these studios and help get them back on track.

Now, let’s get moving.

Full Body Conditioning by Ride Revolution

What you’ll need: An exercise mat, speakers on full blast, the Ride Revolution account on Spotify

Since we can’t spin along to their stationary bike bad-assery in person right now, the instructors from Ride Revolution posted a full body workout, broken down in sections on their Instagram account.

Check out @riderevolution on Instagram for more home workouts.

From warm up, conditioning, core exercises to cool down, the exercises are meant to work your entire body, without the need for any equipment.

Everybody knows Ride Rev classes always come with the best tunes, so make like you’re in the spinning room by blasting a playlist from the Ride Revolution Spotify account.

Shadow Boxing by Flyweight Boxing

What you’ll need: 1-3 pound dumbbells (optional), a timer, rubber shoes and a yoga mat

Boxing requires a lot of bouncing and footwork, so we suggest you bust out the appropriate exercise footwear.

After you’ve laced up, pick a workout from Flyweight’s Instagram account, where you can choose from several levels of difficulty: Boxing 101 for the first timers, Back to Basics for those who want to brush up on classic moves, or Slips and Weaves, perfect for more experienced boxers.

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SLIPS & WEAVES — Happy Monday everyone! 🤙🏽 @luisdegu is back with a ~slightly~ more intense 5-round shadowboxing home workout. Experience our version of leg day with focus on head movement! Don’t forget to bend your knees and use your legs on this one and feel the burn. 🔥 Warmup 1-2 sets Warmup Circuit — from first video or 10 min jump rope Shadowboxing 1 round = 3 minutes 30s rest in between rounds 1 = Jab 2 = Cross 3 = Lead Hook 4 = Rear Hook 5 = Lead Uppercut 6 = Rear Uppercut b = to body w = Weave s = Slip Round 1 Warmup *1-3 lbs weights* 30s Jab Cross 30s Jab Cross — above shoulder level 1 min Hooks — move forward and back 1 min Uppercuts — switch from speed & power Round 2 Basics *1-3 lbs weights* 30 secs 112/232 30 secs 123w/4w— Weave under each hook 1 min Weave THEN Hooks (w34/w43) 1 min Weave WITH Upper (w63/w54) Round 3 Slip and Weave *1-3 lbs weights* Alternate a Slip/Weave/Lead Upper in between first two combos 1 min 11212 1 min 232 1 min 3 Weaves + 123456 — relaxed and loose punches. Active recovery. Round 4 Combo of the Day *lighter weight or no weight* 1 min 1s532 1 min 12s632 1 min 6325 12 — Combo of the day Round 5 Burnout *no weights* 1 min 30 secs Freestyle + Slips/Weaves 45s Speed 12 45s Speed 56 Core 2 sets 30 secs of work 15 secs of rest in between movements 1 min rest in between sets Flutter Kicks Leg Lifts Scissors Leg Sways Circles (15s clockwise/counter cw) Modification is key! Feel free to message us or him directly for progressions/regressions. If you don’t have any weights at home, wear boxing gloves 🥊 for all rounds or find any small object that you can hold on to comfortably with both hands for a bit of resistance. 💪🏽 Keep your eyes peeled for more #content 👀 #FWGlovesUp

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Visit @flyweightph for more full boxing workouts and Instagram Live training sessions.

The beauty of boxing is that you’re guaranteed to break a sweat, and the variety of its moves make the workout feel like a breeze. It’s the ultimate cardio workout, sans the monotony of a 30-minutes on the treadmill.

Not into video workouts? Check their highlights button for full workout guides you can save on your phone.

Yoga by Beyond Yoga

What you’ll need: A yoga mat in a quiet space

True to its name, Beyond Yoga has really gone above and beyond their call of duty, holding not just one, but three Facebook Live classes daily since enhanced community quarantine started.

Their vast lineup of instructors do what they do best in teaching an extensive variety of yoga practices. From meditation, to gentle vinyasa to power yoga—there’s really no excuse not to get your om on, no matter what fitness level you’re at.

Gentle Vinyasa with Cinty

Stay healthy at home with Yoga! Movement keeps our immunity up and keeps us in a good headspace. Nestlé Wellness Club has partnered with I Go Beyond Yoga to bring you FREE yoga classes everyday, so follow our pages.Here is Gentle Vinyasa with Teacher Cinty—enjoy! #BeyondLive

Posted by I Go Beyond Yoga on Thursday, 26 March 2020
Visit @igobeyondyoga on Facebook and Instagram to see the studio’s full schedule of online classes.

All Facebook Live sessions are saved in their page, so if you weren’t able to hop on during the day, feel free to put your kids to sleep, light a scented candle and do a late evening practice to rid the mind of negativity and stress. It’s what we need the most nowadays.

Strength Training by The Movement Studio

What you’ll need: Any improvised weight you can carry—a gallon of water, a side table, or your dog

The quarantine period is a hard time for those who lift heavy at the gym, but think of it as an opportunity to get creative. The Movement Studio shows exactly how your gains can be maintained in the vicinity of your home, thanks to a full strength workout they posted on their Instagram account.

No weights, no problem. @wearetms on Instagram offers a mean strength workout.

Now, scan your home for anything you can safely lift or carry behind your back (the video might give you some ideas), and get working!

Targeted Low-Impact Exercises by Plana Forma

What you’ll need: A yoga mat

Known for its subtle yet challenging movements, Plana Forma mixes yoga, pilates and dance moves, typically with the help of a classic ballet barre.

It’s always been a hit for those who want a low intensity workout that aims to tone specific parts of the body.

Get the complete schedule of daily online workouts on @planaforma on Instagram.

Plana Forma rises up to the stay-at-home challenge by continuing daily classes in both their Youtube account and on Instagram Live. From easy-to-follow workouts that target the abs, thighs, and everything else, Plana Forma is one of the easiest workouts to follow at home. Get ready to pulse!

Which workout will you be doing today?