JUNE 19, 2020

This one’s for Dad


Father’s Day gift ideas that are new normal-approved.

We’re holding off on a plane ticket or a tailored three-piece suit set as Father’s Day gift ideas this year—the new normal deems it necessary to rethink our presents for pop.

The pandemic has been especially hard for Senior citizens, who by all means aren’t allowed to wander past the house door. But whether your dad is part of the over-60 club or just about to approach it, the current situation gives us more reason to spoil them rotten with gifts that’ll keep them occupied.

Maybe next year, we’ll be able to surprise our dads with that all expenses-paid cruise we’ve been dreaming of giving them (or at least a five hour-long dinner-and-dance evening with his friends in his favorite restaurant), but for now, indulge them with presents that are fit for the present

1. A new grill

Anything inihaw is forever dad-approved, and most of us have memories of our fathers doting over their marbling masterpieces as they grill lunch by the backyard.

If grilling were a sport, our dads are the MVPs. Update his arsenal with a George Foreman grill he can use both indoors and outdoors.

George Foreman griller, P9,995, available at Abenson or abenson.com

Visit Abenson at Ayala Malls Trinoma or order online.

2. A fancy neck rest

Three months into quarantine and unallowed to leave home, our dads need relief from lounging all day.

Convenient as he works from home, sits on the couch watching Netflix or reads his morning paper in bed, give dad not just any neck rest, but a memory foam one to help him relax.

Wanderskye blue memory foam neck pillow, P1,695

Visit Wanderskye at Glorietta 3 or order online.

3. A massage gun

Massage services might have to wait a while, but give dad the next best thing: a massage gun that will soothe the tension on his muscles and joints.

Perfect for physically active people or those who simply enjoy a good deep massage, this massage gun will improve blood circulation and soothe all stresses brought about by the last few months.

Triggerpoint Impact massage gun, P12,400, available at Sportsology

Visit Sportsology at Ayala Malls Manila Bay or order online.

4. A fridge full of frozen steak

Hefty chunks of delicious meat ready for grilling will always be a hit with dads. If you can’t treat him out to his go-to steak dinner, then do the next best thing: surprise him with piles of frozen rib eye steak he can throw on the grill at any moment he fancies.

Dillingers 1903 USDA Black Angus choice rib eye, P680/300-400g slice

Contact Dillingers Greenbelt 5 at 0927 911 8212 for deliveries.

5. A fresh supply of multivitamins

Our parents’ health is first priority especially during times like this. Spare no caution and make sure dad is in tip-top shape for years to come. Stock up on specially-formulated multivitamins to boost his immunity and heart health.

GNC Mega Men 50 Plus multivitamin, P2,070

Visit GNC at Ayala Malls Feliz for Luzon or Ayala Mall Cebu for Visayas , or order online.

6. A virtual reality playset

If you can’t bring dad outdoors, then bring the outdoors in for dad. Furthermore, this is a gift the whole family will love.

Our fathers were once young boys too, so trust us when we say they will love a virtual reality playset that allows them not only to relive their childhood game-playing days, but make them pretend they’re outdoors, battling enemies from a fantasy game world.

PS4 Play Station VR Beat Saber all in one pack, P19,995, available in Datablitz

Visit Datablitz in Ayala Malls Cloverleaf, or order online.

7. A selection of imported beer

Knock down a few bottles with dad on his special day by trying out a selection of imported beers, particularly this set of award-winning beers by Spanish brewery Estrella Galicia.

They are recommended to be paired with smoked cheese, warm salads, grilled fish, sushi and smoked and slow-roasted meats.

Estrella Galicia 1906 beers, from P145, available at Barcino

Visit Barcino at Ayala Malls the 30th, or order online.

How will you celebrate with Pop this Sunday?