FEBRUARY 07, 2020

The essential oils cheat sheet


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Confused on which to diffuse? Here are the best essential oils and blends for everyday situations.

Essential oils offer an alluring back-to-basics approach to healing and wellness. As the world seems to slowly go easy on chemical-obsessed practices to embrace natural, non-artificial sources of food, health, skincare and beauty, it’s no surprise that the rebirth of essential oils saw legions of new-age followers to rely on these plant-derived oils in their pursuit of well-being http://secondchanceinc.com/nl-NL/888-poker_26-03-2020.

But Anna Garces, Marketing Director of Young Living Philippines easily dispels the misconception that essential oils are meant to replace doctor-prescribed medicines or drugs http://tlccollege.org.uk/fr-FR/fdj-bingo_28-04-2020.

“[Essentials oils] are meant to compliment anyone’s journey to wellness. It’s meant to support our well-being,” she says.

Young Living is practically synonymous to essential oils—ask the oil-obsessed and they will recommend a blend of the brand’s oils they swear can help relieve you of whatever you’re feeling.  ecopays

Young Living oils, like most brands in the market, have a number of ways it can be applied ek voetbal 2020.

Essential oils can place directly on one’s temples, neck or as a massage oil—though several sources suggest that the oil be mixed with argan or coconut oil to avoid skin irritation. Second, its soothing aroma may be inhaled through a diffuser golden palace bruxelles.

New to the essential oil game? Here’s a quick guide on which ones to use for your daily life dilemmas.

Having a bad day match casino

best betaalde banen When some days are worse than the others, use peppermint in two different ways: when diffused, its aroma has a clarifying effect, and when used a massage oil, it aids the body to cool down instantly.

Young Living Peppermint Pure Essential Oil

Chasing a deadline

To help ease the pressures of a looming work deliverable, blend oils copaiba, lavender, eucalyptus and and hint of vanilla.

Garces recommends the calming Stress Away (a blend of all oils stated above), but additional sources recommend orange, lime and other citrusy essential oils to boost the mood and increase feelings of positivity and energy.

Young Living Stress Away Essential Oil Blend

Feeling a flu coming up

Book a massage appointment and prepare a blend of ravinsatra, peppermint and eucalyptus radiate—readily-mixed by Young Living as the Raven essential oil blend.

Before your session starts, ask your masseuse to mix five drops of Raven into your massage oil. This emits a cooling and relaxing sensation when applied to the chest.

Young Living Raven Essential Oil Blend

The state of the world keeps you up all night 

The classic lavender essential oil is everyone’s go-to for an instant calm-down, other sources cite that valerian essential oil is best to aid sleep problems, nervous disorders and general feelings of anxiety because of its mildly sedative effects.

Ate way too much, too soon

We’ve all been there. A blend of tetragonal, ginger and peppermint will produce the perfect warm tummy rub that will give comfort to a bloated midsection. This exact blend is available in Young Living as Digize Essential Oil.

Young Living Digize Essential Oil Blend

It’s after-hours and you want to amp up the romance

Feeding your significant other oysters and chocolate shouldn’t be the end of your efforts to heighten feelings of affection. Garces recommends to mix a few drops of peppermint and lavender together for diffusing—it’s stimulating yet calming at the same time.

Alternately, oils such as clary sage and ylang ylang are said to be aphrodisiac oils that heighten desire. You’re welcome.

Before a plane ride

To suppress the feeling of nausea before and during a flight, the reliable peppermint is your best friend. Place a few drops on a roller, and reach for it occasionally during your flight.

On February 8 and 9, Young Living Philippines will hold its first ever Oil Con in Glorietta 2, open to everyone who wants to know more about the world of essential oils, which oils suit each lifestyle, and all the tools you need to complete your very own essential oils starter kit.

Drop by the Young Living Oil Con at the Palm Drive Activity Center in Glorietta 2 this coming weekend or follow @younglivingphilippines on Instagram for more information.