JULY 25, 2019

Style is everywhere: What we learned from Isabelle Daza


Though she would never label herself as such—Isabelle Daza is one of the most style-savvy influencers around. The It Girl shares her style journey, her fashion icons, and how to make important style choices.

Don’t believe the notion that style ultimately stops at clothing. You may nail all the trends there is in the fashion rulebook, but at the end of the day, your personal style is evident in every other aspect of your life.

Personal style influences your life choices, whether it’s for fashion, design, travel—even they way you consume content.

Style is wholly representative of who you are — just ask actress and businesswoman Isabelle Daza, whose elegance and sophistication goes above and beyond her ace fashion sense.

A content creator and entrepreneur, she talks about sticking to your fashion choices, her style icons, and making smart clothing choices at her Stylist’s Closet talk at Alabang Town Center.

On having a personal style

As a fitness junkie, Isabelle shared how her love for sports shaped her sense of style and how it evolved from there. “When I was younger, I was very sporty and I’ve carried that throughout. [Now] I’d like to say that my style is very feminine.

“Especially on the weekdays, I love wearing Sunday dresses. I love co-ords, I love things that match, and I love print on print.”

Photo by Ralph Mendoza

Isabelle also notes the importance of having a strong sense of self—it has a way to translate onto your fashion choices. She explains, “You should never compromise what you like. You should look at inspiration also, and then take what you learn from it and make it your own style.”

“It’s very hard to try to change who you are, but I think it’s okay to evolve your style and get inspiration. I think people shouldn’t also be scared to try new things because it’s only then you’ll realize if you like it or not.”

On her style icons

When asked about whose fashion sense inspires her the most, Isabelle had to look no further than her nearest and dearest. She shares, “[I am inspired by] the people I surround myself with: my cousins Martine [Ho] Georgina [Wilson], my friend Liz [Uy].

In the international scene, Belle is similarly drawn to women known for their influential sense of style. “I love Kate Middleton—she always looks put together. I also love Alicia Vikander, I think that she’s very feminine. Nicole Richie for me is a classic.”

Portrait by Ralph Mendoza

On the importance of style

Isabelle’s YouTube page is testament to the many layers of her life. From workout videos, travel logs, and mental health pep talks, her sense of style translates well within different aspects of her life.

She explains, “[Personal style] defines the different tastes you like, and not only in fashion, but when you choose your furniture, when you choose your makeup, when you choose where you wanna travel.”

You think of things that inspire you, and that’s how style plays a very big important role in what you decide to do.”

On being a smart buyer

In the talk, the co-founder of FRNK Milk Bar sheds her lowkey entepreneurial side. A believer in smart shopping, Isabelle shares her advice on how to counter every fashion enthusiast’s tendency for undisciplined shopping.

“You know, growing up, I used to think I needed a lot of things to be stylish. But now, I’ve really learned to minimize my closet but get the key pieces.”

“One thing I really like to apply is “cost per wear.” It means, ilang beses ko ba to susuotin, if I buy this, let’s say, white polo, am I gonna wear it work, am I gonna wear it to church, am I gonna wear it to a meeting? Yes. Or if I buy this, let’s say, neon top, how many times can I wear this? That’s what I always think — if it’s sulit.”

Portrait by Ralph Mendoza

An influencer since her teen days, it’s refreshing to hear how Isabelle doesn’t need to conform to trends. “I think with me, when it comes to trends, for example, I don’t like to get too swayed. Just because uso, gagayahin ko na—I try not to do that. I like what I like.”

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