JULY 30, 2020

Pandemic-era skincare


New normal, new skin concerns. 

You’ve been told to stay indoors for some months now, and at the beginning you thought this is your skin’s chance to finally thrive and glow without makeup on the daily.

Girl, you thought.

We all thought — but maskne, stress breakouts, and chronic hand dryness just really kept coming for us like 2020 doesn’t have enough issues. Little as these problems may seem, they’re very valid, and luckily, not impossible to solve. Here are some ways to manage your new reality skin concerns. 

Preventing Maskne 

Also known as mask-acne. You get this when you’re wearing your mask on all day outside (as you should), and heat builds up under it and you start sweating under the mask. Your skin gets irritated from the friction and the blockage, so when you get home and remove your mask – surprise, new zit formation!

It’s pretty difficult to prevent this, especially since that mask has to stay on, no questions asked. The least we can do to prevent this is a two-step, cleanliness-focused approach: Moisturize and cleanse. Start by using a soothing moisturizer like Avene’s Skin Recovery Cream—it’s sensitive skin friendly and non-comedogenic, which means it doesn’t contain acne-triggering ingredients. Plus it comes in a handy size, so pack it into your errand bag before you leave. 

Maskne? It’s a thing. Here’s how to prevent it.

Second, throw in along with it a (biodegradable!) set of wipes like Derma-E Hydrating Facial Wipes. During bathroom breaks or when you’re back in your car, quickly santize your hands, and wipe away sweat and dirt from your face with a wipe.

Finally, re-apply moisturizer onto areas where your mask chafes and where sweat builds up. You’re clean and fresh again! 

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Treating Maskne

When you officially get victimized by the mask-induced breakout, it’s time to bust out the big guns. And by big guns we mean, small doses of the correct gentle but targeted product.

When maskne infiltrates your peau, flatten the bumps right away.

With acne, you have to both calm the redness and inflammation while simultaneously battling the bacteria at the root. COSRx’s AC Collection Calming Liquid Mild is an ultra-mild toner made up of 3 different kinds of centella so it treats the breakout while repairing the skin barriers. It’s noon-comedogenic, fragrance-free, oil-free, silicone, alcohol, and gluten-free.

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Keeping Hands Clean and Soft 

It’s pretty easy to keep clean when you’re at home, but when you’re out and about running essential errands, you don’t even notice how often you rub with alcohol ‘til your hands are parched and itchy.

Salvation for alcohol-drenched hands.

Keep a hand cream in your bag like VMV’s Essence Hand + Body Smoother, or if you want to double up on your hand sanitation situation, a little travel bottle of Jergen’s Antibacterial Hand Lotion is real useful, too. 

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Which pandemic skincare woe are you out to solve?