MAY 22, 2020

Smile with your eyes


As the world forces itself to go on, we round up the best face masks to don in the great outdoors.

Before anything else—stay at home! As hospitals remain burdened by the number of pandemic-stricken patients, we should continue the practice of staying put in our shelters until medical officials say that we can exercise a bit more outdoor freedom. 

However, office work and more businesses have commenced operations in many areas, to aid the challenged economy.

So if you have to brave the outdoors to go to work or buy essentials, then you might as well abide by the ‘wear masks everywhere’ rule with pieces that will make your new normal staple a bit more fun and stylish.

We collected the best masks made by local designers and brands. Though not medical-grade, these cloth masks pass the WHO and CDC standards on what non-compromised (read: if you’re not sick) individuals should wear daily.

Remember that since these masks aren’t produced in the thousands, you might have to wait before they restock or watch out for updated designs. Finally, wash your cloth masks regularly, if not daily.


These washable masks are made of silk, and come in the most sophisticated shades. Each mask has an inner filter pocket and is ordered in packs of four. Order here.


Made using Toqa’s signature prints and fabrics, these four-ply masks come with cord ties to make it fit snugly on your face. A portion of the proceeds goes to their partners in El Nido, Palawan. Order in sets of ten here.

Basic Movement

The Esme Palaganas-founded collective rounds up the country’s best young designers once again to create cloth masks, the proceeds of which will be used to fund n95 masks for frontliners.

Local designers such as Viña Romero, Proudrace, Hamu, Randolf Clothing, Esme’s eponymous line and artist Raxenne Maniquiz have released capsule mask lines under the collective, all of which bear their respective signature aesthetic. Order here.

Rosanna Ocampo

Known for her ultra-feminine pieces rich in color and texture, the designer creates a limited collection of artisanal embroidered masks that are almost too pretty to wear. Inquire here.


A single purchase of these unique hand-beaded T’boli masks will be matched with three cloth masks donated to frontliners. Inquire here.

Zarah Juan

The label’s Pag-asa masks are made by local artisans using Inabel fabric from Abra, and come with pinch-wire feature for a snug fit. Each order comes with six non-woven filters. Inquire here.

Kelvin Morales

The designer’s stark black and white mask canvasses make for a stunning backdrop to his now-signature moth embroidery. Inquire here.


The minimalist unisex label came up with a Mask Kit—a washable cloth pouch containing three washable cloth masks made from the label’s scrap fabric, as well as ten filters.

Each Mask Kit comes with a spray bottle for your disinfectant liquids and is matched with cloth mask donations to Pagasa, a movement that supplies relief goods to underserved communities. Order by 3 p.m. sharp today (May 22) for their final drop.


One of the most prolific social enterprises in the Philippines collaborates with other local businesses (such as Neon Island, in the mask pictured above) to create cloth masks woven by community artisans.

Purchasing these masks keeps their livelihoods afloat. Order here.


The enduring mall-based brand known for their vintage-style, fabric-printed t-shirts and accessories produces their own line of washable cloth masks.

Choose between a wide variety of tie-dye colors or streetwear-inspired, one-word statement masks. Order here.

Atelier Debbie Co

Fashion designer Debbie Co takes from her wealth of beautiful fabrics to create two-ply washable masks that are made with joie de toile, marimekko print, toile de jouy, silk brocade and many other types of cloth.

These come in sets of two. A part of the proceeds goes to creating PPEs for frontliners. Order here.

Rhett Eala

The esteemed designer creates masks out of the most gorgeous, intricate fabric. Fans of chinoiserie or rich brocade fabric will love his designs. Each set comes with four masks. Order here.

For Me

A retail favorite among women and young girls alike, For Me releases three youthful designs for their foray into mask-making. Order here.

Plains & Prints

The local brand’s masks are part of their Essentials Collection, where they also sell stylish PPEs for non-health workers. Each mask and PPE is sanitized with the disinfectant Viralcyde Max, to protect wearers against bacteria and viruses. Inquire here.

Which mask are you keen on wearing?