SEPTEMBER 04, 2019

Shifting gears


MG Cars takes you ahead of the curve with sophisticated and state-of-the-art design and high-tech features — all at an attainable price.

Established in 1924, British automotive brand MG Cars (the “MG” stands for Morris Garages) has long been a favorite of the modern driver for its effortless style and functionality. In October, The Covenant Car Company acquired distribution rights for MG Cars in the Philippines — a move that they believe will resonate with Filipino drivers because the cars are attainable and offer a lot of convenience and safety, thanks to a streamlined production that makes it ideal for the global market. “It’s been a whirlwind 10 months,” says public relations manager Enrico Subido. “While we only have three models now, we expect to expand that as we move along.”

Pictured above, the MG 6 is designed for both sports and luxury, balancing elegance with range, and the best of creature comforts. Unique features include chic two-toned alloy wheels that match the two-toned red and black seats, dashboard, and door panels. It also boasts a flat-bottomed steering wheel that pays homage to the brand’s rich racing heritage.

The MG ZS is defined by its contemporary design, boasting precise driving features and a panoramic sunroof.

There’s also the MG ZS, a crossover SUV defined by its contemporary design and efficient power features that ensure precise driving. With 17-inch alloy wheels displaying the iconic hexagonal MG logo, a cabin spruced up with soft-touch materials, and plenty of space, it feels like a dream — made all the better by a panoramic sunroof.

The RX5 is the smart and sophisticated choice: classy, compact, and able to navigate different types of terrain with smooth and seamless acceleration, and split-fold rear seats for carrying more cargo. Each car also has a responsive and powerful engine, an infotainment system that connects with Apple devices, and other high-tech safety features like a reverse camera, electronic break assist, and tire pressure monitoring. 

The RX5 is classy, compact, and able to navigate multiple types of terrain.

What sets MG Cars apart is their dedication in maintaining after-sale relations with customers, including car and customer service. “People can be rest assured we have the necessary utilities and parts to make sure everyone’s MGs are in tip-top shape and running well,” Subido shares. “It doesn’t end after you drive it out of the showroom; it’s a continuous relationship. We try to impart how to take care of your car.”

MG Cars often works with Ayala Malls and projects such as mall displays and road shows around the country, to reach out to people who may be interested. “We view Ayala Malls as a valuable partner because they serve a target market which also mirrors ours,” Subido explains.

Enrico Subido, public relations manager of MG Cars, says that even after nearly a century, the brand remains true to its rich heritage.

“MG is a truly global brand,” he adds. “Not many car brands have its rich heritage. It’s a headturner, and it’s attainable, built for modern global citizens. I would say it’s the complete package.”

Asked what he has observed in car owners in the country, he says they’re quite knowledgeable. “They know what they want, and they also have very strict parameters when it comes to purchasing a new car,” he says. “I’d like to think that MG lives up to those parameters very well. It’s something to be proud of, and something you’re going to be willing to look at and be looked at in every day.”