JUNE 21, 2020

Part of the cool dads club


Chef Sandy Daza reveals his fun-loving relationship with his kids and shares heirloom recipes to declare how good food binds a family.

A father to Franco (31), Ali (27), Arturo (26), and Danielle (22), Chef Sandy Daza in a cheery tone proudly shares that his children, all past their teenage years, also consider him as their friend. “Oh, my children take advantage of me because they know they can make me dance anytime they want to. I love them too much that I don’t want any of them to have a hard time.”

Fatherhood is no easy job and balancing it with his multi-hyphenate career is definitely a feat on its own, but Chef Sandy makes it sound like a breeze. He tells how he tries to lead by example and allows his four kids to carve their own path, but still guides them with pieces of advice, so they can avoid the same pains he experienced in life. “Sometimes they will listen, sometimes they won’t, and sometimes they have to be burnt themselves to learn,” he shares. 

While all of his children were raised in a household with a strong culinary background, it’s his eldest daughter, Ali, that’s leaning to follow his ways. He shares how she gets excited and turns passionate each time she discovers new food. “That’s how I started, I love to eat and out of that I started becoming more curious and started going into cooking,” says Chef Sandy.

Food remains at the center of his relationship with his kids, he’s fond of surprising them with different cuisines every night. When asked if they have a certain dish that he loves to prepare for them, he shares “they always request for me to prepare Roast Prime Rib or Grilled Steak with Béarnaise sauce. They love that. That’s special for us.” Apart from the sauce being a specialty of Au Bon Vivant, their French restaurant, it’s also a reminder of their days back in Canada. A time when they had to depend on each other, which cultivated the close-knit relationship that they have now as a family. 

With the global crisis in mind, he says it only reinforced one of his beliefs: “In the end, what’s important is your family.” Their celebration for Father’s Day isn’t particularly new to their routine, but you can expect him having a good laugh with his kids while sharing a prime dinner meal to make it extra special. His secret to family dinners? Always have a superior quality steak in the freezer.

It’s definitely no secret that Chef Sandy Daza, like his kids, grew up in a vibrant cooking scene. He’s a believer that exposure to good food growing up can set one’s expectations and standards high, so it’s only right to say, you can only expect good food coming your way through these heirloom recipes that he has generously shared in the video below.

Alongside the baked chicken spaghetti and beef with oyster sauce, he’ll also be teaching how to cook Asian meatloaf, a recipe he developed himself, and humba, a famous Visayan delicacy made from pork belly. Prepare to bring out your pans, here are four easy-to-follow recipes that are perfect for home celebrations or just meals with family while we’re spending most of our time at home.