AUGUST 04, 2020

My home office, part 2


In the second installment of this two-part series, we feature the work-at-home setups of professionals from various industries.

View part one here.

We hope you enjoyed our first batch of inspiring WFH spaces as much as we did finding them and their owners.

In this second and final installment, we discover the home-based workspaces of a start-up founder, a prehab specialist, a visual artist, and—first up—a host-turned-entrepreneur who started her successful peanut butter business to pivot from losing hosting gigs because of the pandemic.

Mela Habijan, Host / Actress / Educator and Entrepreneur

Describe your work.

Because of the pandemic, I have unexpectedly become an entrepreneur. I am now the owner of a homemade peanut butter business, which I proudly named Miss Mela’s Peanut Butter.

Mela turned lemons into lemonade by starting a business after the pandemic halted her hosting and acting work.

Why does your WFH station work for you?

Despite being a small kitchen space, I consider it my haven. I’m a very sentimental person, so whenever I am working here, I am reminded of the anxiety I felt after losing all of my hosting, acting, and writing workshop jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This peanut butter was my saving grace; it gave me hope that I can survive and keep living.

Mela grinds and mixes her homemade peanut butter herself, right in the comfort of her cozy kitchen.

What is your favorite part of your WFH area?

I actually have two. One is the wooden table, where I joyfully mix all of the ingredients. It’s an old table that I asked to be repainted. The other one is the grinding station because I always get excited whenever I see the peanut butter coming out of the machine in its smooth, creamy form.

Jem Magbanua, Visual Artist

Describe your work.

I am a full-time visual artist and graphic designer as well as a part-time visual arts educator.

The artist’s work-from-home space is a work of art itself.

Why does your WFH station work for you?

I love how compact my little space is. Everything is within arm’s reach. I love the feeling of being surrounded by things I’ve collected over the years as well as the art pieces I am working on. I need to be immersed in what I am doing, both mentally and physically. 

What is your favorite part of your WFH area?

That’s a tough one, but my favorite corner is probably my wall of memorabilia.

Nostalgia surrounds this serene space.

It holds a lot of prints and postcards from my past art residencies in Japan, letters and polaroids from loved ones, artworks traded from artists I admire, and posters from past exhibitions I’ve participated in.  

Cindy Burdette, CEO and Founder

Describe your work.

I manage a health and benefits tech company called AllCare.

Why does your WFH station work for you?

I love the simplicity of the set up and the cleanliness. Everything i need is an arms length away and the natural light helps make sure I see my notes clearly.

Cindy’s workspace welcomes the gorgeous flow of natural light.

I also love that I’m surrounded by greens! You cant see it but just outside my window is the Marikina River and our condo pool and tennis court!

What is your favorite part of your WFH area?

Aside from my plants, it will be the guitar beside me! It makes my corner feel like a studio-creative space.  

A musical instrument brings a creative element to the work area.

Francis Diano, Prehab Specialist

Describe your work.

I’m a prehab specialist, I help people optimize movement, function and overall performance while minimizing the risk of injury. 

Francis conducts sessions with clients from his calming work space.

Why does your WFH station work for you?

The key to my successful practice is successful communication, by being able to provide my clients with visuals and demonstrate the movements they need to do, it allows minimal room for miscommunication.

I use a HD web camera with a wireless microphone for my sessions as well as different apps to show my clients their anatomical issues as well as to explain to them what their issue at hand may be.

An extra large right light has suddenly become a work from home staple.

What is your favorite part of your WFH area?

My oversized 7 X 7 Yoga mat, it allows me to comfortably move around to demonstrate different motions to my clients.

Francis holds his practice from home with an arsenal of prehab tools.

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