JANUARY 28, 2020

Life with Zing


An app that’s apt for the certified mallrat.

“There’s probably an app for that,” says just about any smartphone-owning person in 2020, and more than we’d like to admit, we’re secretly obsessed with the way our tiny phones contain a trove of tools that help make most aspects of our lives much easier.

So imagine our collective delight here at Pasyal when we found out that Ayala Malls finally launched Zing, its very own navigation, promo, rewards and cinema app. 

Zing’s beta version went live last November exclusively for UP Town Center, but an improved version may officially be accessed today for the following malls: Alabang Town Center, Ayala Center Cebu, Ayala Malls Cloverleaf, Fairview Terraces, Ayala Malls Feliz, Glorietta, Marquee Mall, Shops at Serendra and TriNoma, aside from UPTC.

The reality is, the sheer number of stores, mall activities and services makes it hard for us to keep up. Ayala Malls cinemas are among the most sought-after in the country too, which makes booking in advance a must to get the best seats in the house. 

A mallrat’s dream, Zing is an aggregate of anything and everything you can experience and enjoy in your favourite Ayala Mall—even instructions on how to walk from point A to point B!

Indoor navigation

Malls tend to get bigger and better over time that sometimes we feel the need to summon the powers of a trusty map.

Like your reliable Waze or Google Maps, Zing’s Explore option allows you to input your starting point within the mall and your desired destination of choice.

Make your way from point A to point B

Making a beeline from one end of TriNoma to your movie that’s starting in five minutes? This app might just make you make it in time, without getting lost in the mall maze.

Events and happenings

The events you read about here in Pasyal are only handful of the all the activities and celebrations you can enjoy in every Ayala Mall.

Promos, pop-ups, concerts, showcases and theme-based happenings are the lifeblood of every Pinoy mall—whatever your interest is, there’s probably an event in your Zing lineup waiting for your attendance. 

It also helps that before starting your Zing experience, the app will make you choose your top four mall-going interests. Say, it’s fashion, makeup, dining and sports—Zing will automatically arrange its content to put your top interests first in line.


No matter how much you earn, everyone is a sucker for freebies here and there. Linking your cards to the Zing app gains you Zing points, unlocking special rewards from hundreds of Ayala Malls merchants.

Rack up rewards in all your fave mall stores

From bookstore points, to laundry service rewards, to discounts at all your favorite food places—sulit is perhaps the best way to describe it.

(Finally, it’s not a mall app without—) Movies!

Honestly—we’d download Zing even if this was the only feature in the app. Zing’s movie-booking page felt like the Uber of movies—in only a handful of clicks, your big screen date is booked, seats chosen, and even paid for, without even having to leave the app. 

This might be the easiest way to get yourself a movie seat in the city

What makes it more awesome is as you click on your movie of choice right from the Zing home screen, essential info such as the film genre, duration, description and rating classification instantly pops up. 

Clicking on the movie poster will even lead you to watch the trailer on Youtube! 

Zing is expected to include all the other Ayala Malls by February to March, so if your neighbourhood Ayala Mall isn’t in the initial lineup, there’s no need to worry.

Download Zing just like you would any other app. Once you’re in, register as a member and link you cards to start earning points.