AUGUST 21, 2019

Let’s get physical


The TriNoma leg of Ayala Malls’ Mall Into Shape campaign proves that fitness and fun are one and the same.

Listen: we all want to be fit. A perennial New Year’s resolution, exercise is one of the hardest decisions we either choose to make or break on the daily.

We’ve all read success stories of losing weight, gaining muscle, or adopting diets, and we all long to champion the #eatclean, #traindirty, #fitnessjourney ideal.

However, exercise can often feel like a chore more than an activity we actually want to do—thing is, it doesn’t have to be. You just have to find that one exercise you like.

There isn’t a shortage of fitness options in the city, and some of these present innovative and even fun ways to get sweaty. Traditional forms of exercise like jogging, swimming, or lifting can now be incorporated into more interest-driven workouts, and that’s what Ayala Malls aims to show in their Mall Into Shape campaign at TriNoma.

The TriNoma Activity Center was transformed into a multi-purpose fitness hub.

Geared towards fitness, the activations held at TriNoma’s Activity Center and Cinema Lobby show contemporary forms of exercises, and while it may seem intimidating to mall passers-by, a closer look reveals that people are actually having a blast.

And why wouldn’t they? Now everyone can satisfy their fitness curiosities, testing a wide array of gyms for free.

A CrossFit corner allowed mallgoers to try the exercise craze for free.

At the TriNoma Activity Center, visitors were greeted by Power Up Climbing Gym’s rock-climbing wall. A CrossFit corner was also ran by Quezon City-based CrossFit HighStreets, featuring exciting WODs (Workout of the Day) every CrossFit fan swears by.

Exercise for tech enthusiasts? Play Nation’s Kinect Sports made the case for breaking a sweat in the digital era, while Parkour by Philippine Parkour Free Running Association (PPFA) and Parkour Philippines had both kids and adults defy the rules of gravity with the sport’s stunt-like activities.

On display and for sale: footwear for the fitness junkie.

To round it all up, some of TriNoma’s top activewear boutiques such as Olympic Village, Joe Fresh, Toby’s Sports, Merrell, Saucony, and Columbia held pop-up stands for fitness enthusiasts looking to update their gear.

From August 19 to 25, the CrossFit station will continue at the TriNoma Cinema Lobby (located at the fourth floor), while customers may take on two challenges from August 26 to September 1: Fitness First’s “Game of Zones” obstacle course and Play Nation’s Kinect Sports.

Everyone is encouraged to try out these workouts, absolutely free of charge.

It may seem strange to find the equivalent of four fitness studios inside a mall, but that’s exactly the goal: to draw more people close to the idea of getting into shape.

Mall Into Shape encourages the mallgoing community to be active.

Anaelle Arreza, Marketing Associate Manager for TriNoma, explains the goal of Mall Into Shape, now on its third year of advocating fitness to Ayala Malls patrons: “[Mall Into Shape] brings unique fitness activities altogether in a venue that’s easily accessible to customers.”

“All activities are also given for free to further encourage our customers to try them and to get into a healthy lifestyle. They won’t need to go to each of the gyms individually as all sports are brought together in one cohesive event and venue.”

“With Mall Into Shape, mall-goers can finally try the sports and fitness activities they’ve been meaning to try right here at TriNoma.”

Paolo Bragais, a representative for Parkour Philippines, notes the importance of fitness activations inside the mall setting. He comments: “Fitness activations or events in malls are important for various fitness groups to be able to spread awareness and presence of their own, and of course fitness itself.”

“More importantly, it can also help motivate people from different walks of life to at least try out various means of fitness of their choice.”

The Power Up climbing wall was a crowd favorite.

Mall Into Shape provides the mall-going community a better insight on the benefits of exercise, and how much fun it can truly be, if we only gave it a fighting chance. As Paolo puts it, “Fitness is for anyone who wants to try it out or commit to.”

Everyone is absolutely free to choose their means of fitness, whether it be sports, martial arts, dance, or whatever other physical activity that they wish to go for.”

Catch Mall Into Shape at TriNoma until September 1. Check out this schedule to try what can be your newest workout regimen.

  • Aug 19-25:  Functional Fitness by CrossFit HighStreets
  • Aug 26 – Sept 1: Obstacle Course Training by Fitness First and Kinect Sports by Play Nation