APRIL 25, 2020

Just give in


These accounts might just convince you to download TikTok.

If there’s ever a few to benefit from global quarantine season, the app TikTok is one of them.

Millennials have been ambivalent about whether to give in to downloading TikTok, thinking that it’s only for the lot of the population shameless enough to post cringeworthy dances or dubsmash performances. 

But after spending a few months in the app, we realized that beyond all the dancing and lip syncing (which can be fun too, if only you gave it a chance), TikTok can be a source of informative, easy-to-understand, and entertaining content, conveniently packaged into digestible one-minute videos. 

Think of it as a bite-sized YouTube, where all kinds of content exist.

This COVID-19 season, TikTok has even used its popularity to spread awareness about the virus: a COVID-19 button is unmoving throughout the app, which you can tap for current and—most importantly—verified numbers and updates about the pandemic.

For an app that’s been tagged frivolous, we think that that’s a good way to make the younger generation aware of the reality of this pandemic.

Anyway, if you’re still not up to do your first woah or mouth the words to a Kardashian conversation, we recommend you make a beeline for these TikTok accounts—it might just make you realize how fun and informative this app can be for all ages.


@jaekicho (Jaeki Cho)

There’s a kick you’ll get from watching a New York-based music journalist, streetwear entrepreneur and movie producer creating Korean comfort food (and much more) in the comfort of his cool home.


Yo, made ##닭도리탕 ##chickenstew ##stewchicken ##dakdoritang ##spicykoreanchicken ##koreanfood ##cooking ##cookingtips ##recipe ##easyrecipe ##나만의레시피 ##요리 ##요리동영상

♬ original sound – jaekicho

Jaeki Cho, a Queens native known for his contributions to Asian street culture in the United States, mixes no-nonsense instructions with a passion for the most quality home-cooking ingredients. 

His TikTok signature: Tasting his recipe “for the culture.”


The TikTok world lives vicariously through Ashley Hupp. A bartender working in the paradise beaches of Hawaii, she has amassed more than two million followers for her wide repertoire of cocktail-making videos.

With community quarantine on its third extension, don’t be shy to take your pick from her library of vids and whip up a drink to let out some steam.

Her TikTok signature: Fresh cocktail in hand, the outro “Fun, right?”

@newt (Newt)

21 year-old Newton Nguyen makes any quarantined individual take up cooking as a hobby, whipping up dishes that are easy to cook and ultimately fun to make.


Cajun Shrimp and Rice 😳🦐🍚 ##foryou ##fyp

♬ original sound – newt120

Taking his favorite online recipes, Newt uses the most accessible ingredients and delivers entertaining instructionals that make cooking less intimidating. 

His TikTok signature: Topping off (almost) every dish with parsley.


@zachking (Zach King)

Zach had long been dominating Vine and YouTube with his optical illusion skits—TikTok is just another feather on his cap. Hitting the follow button is never hard with Zach’s content, as his videos will leave mouths wide open wondering how his mind works. 


Getting worked by @theprofessor 🏀 ##basketball ##sports ##trickshot

♬ original sound – zachking

While his TikTok standing may now have bumped from second to third most-followed—still with a cool 41.7 million followers—Zach remains to possess possibly the most original, hardworking and entertaining content on TikTok, and perhaps in other apps where he’s active, too.

His TikTok signature: Zach King’s optical illusion videos are a league of their own. His entire work is his signature.


@austinchiangmd (Dr. Austin, MD MPH)

While all medical professionals are our modern-day heroes, this frontliner is well known on TikTok for being a self-proclaimed “medical mythbuster.”

Dr. Austin Chiang provides TikTok viewers (who are mostly young adults) with verified medical tips and information, dispelling fake news and baseless claims especially about the current COVID-19 situation.


Stay safe out there. Source: CDC. ##safety ##healthy

♬ CITY OF ANGELS 24KGoldn Funk Remix – llusionmusic

His TikTok signature: Dancing to TikTok challenges with medical journal or verified news excerpts in the background. Take that!

@dr.staci.t (Dr. Staci Tanouye, MD)

Adolescence and young adulthood is a period of self-discovery, and young girls may feel they have no one to talk to about questions on reproductive health and the science that occurs “down there.” 


My last audio was removed so don’t let this flop! SHARE, cause you know everyone is wondering ##pineapple ##cranberry ##voiceover ##obgyn ##keepingbusy

♬ original sound – dr.staci.t

Think of Dr. Staci as a cool doctor big sister, who breaks down important information about feminine hygiene, as well as sensitive topics such as intercourse and birth control. Even adults will learn a thing or two!

Her TikTok signature: Discussing health concerns girls normally keep to themselves

@hinthorn (Gregg Hinthorn)

He’s your wise uncle who wants you to do great in life. Gregg Hinthorn is an editor and writing coach who gives impeccable grammar advice in under 60 seconds.

Want to know the difference between presume and assume, or find out the grammatically correct answer to “How are you doing?” Gregg is sure to polish every follower’s syntax skills.

His TikTok signature: The regular segment “Word of the Day”


@chrisellelim (Chriselle Lim)

Fashion fans have long known Chriselle, who started out as a fashion YouTuber and blogger as early as 2008. 


My skincare secret&review of the best cotton pads.Try this for 15 mins before moisturizer&see your skin glow! ##tiktokreviews ##yourrichmom ##skincare

♬ original sound – chrisellelim

After roaming the world, sitting in fashion show front rows and bagging brand deals as a style influencer, Chriselle captured the younger market on TikTok, where she gives lifestyle, beauty, career and fashion advice as her endearing alter-ego, the fabulous Your Rich Mom.

Her TikTok signature: Eating caviar for breakfast, wearing feathery pyjamas to sleep and showing her jet-setting fashionable life as TikTok’s Your Rich Mom.


The only non-account on this list, the hashtag Amazon Finds is a sinkhole of the most interesting, covetable and mostly affordable finds on Amazon.

From nifty storage organizers, electronics and cookware in rare cute colors, or affordable alternatives to products you thought were expensive, this hashtag will have you opening an Amazon account and adding to cart.

This hashtag’s TikTok signature: Showing you things you didn’t know you needed, but now do.

Which account will you visit first?