SEPTEMBER 05, 2019

Style is everywhere: What we learned from Mari Jasmine


Blogger and entrepreneur Mari Jasmine shares her sources of inspiration, stories from travel, and insight on how to be your best self.

There was a time when blogs were the norm—and they didn’t just involve expertly choreographed photos.

Rather, blogs were online repositories, written by creative individuals sharing stories about their lives (often in long-form, well-written prose), posting less-curated images of themselves and their inspirations in a way you can tell came from their hearts. 

Today, bloggers have evolved into influencers, producing content that have become—for better or worse, you decide—prosaic and packaged.

In a sea of influencers, content today begs for consistency, authenticity, and for that of the fashion lot, a knack for compelling style. 

Blogger (yes, she has an actual blog that she updates) and entrepreneur Mari Jasmine seems to have checked the list.

The final guest in Stylist Closet’s series of talks, her impeccable taste in fashion is evident on her Instagram feed, where it all fits a uniform, chic aesthetic that is cool yet understated. 

Photo by Ralph Mendoza

What’s more, she tells stories on her blog too, where she pens journal-like entries that involve her travels, her personal take on fashion, and her multi-faceted lifestyle.

We pick Mari’s brains and learn a thing or two about this girl’s musings on inspiration, personal style, and being your best self.

On her sources of inspiration

In her latest blog post, Mari Jasmine talked about her experience in Israel—specifically, Tel-Aviv Pride—where she explored the place for the first time and interacted with the locals.

Definitely a frequent flier, she presses on the big role that travel plays in how she gets her inspiration. “For me, travel, in general, is pretty inspiring for loads of reasons, and part of it is because I love seeing how people around the world like to dress up,” she says.

Photo by Ralph Mendoza

Traveling means you are out of your comfort zone too, and this can very well translate into fashion. Mari Jasmine adds, “I find that [travel] broadens my horizons and pushes me to try things I would otherwise be too scared to wear.”

On trying out different things

We all have our personal do’s and don’ts with fashion, and if you’re one to stick with black and white pieces, trying out color might be downright intimidating.

Leaning more towards classy, monochromatic looks, Mari recounts stories on how finding herself in different places all over the world has influenced how she dresses.

She narrates, “I’m usually quite conservative with how I dress and stick to more classic, tailored pieces. But then I’ll find myself inspired in Tokyo and suddenly want to try oversized jeans and (faux) furry drop shoulder coats.”

Photo by Ralph Mendoza

She adds, “I also just visited LA for the first time and ended up wearing a red leopard print dress in silk, and even a cropped tie-dye sweater. It was definitely a “went to LA once…” kind of situation but I think it’s fun and a great way to use that inspiration and experiment with style.”

On being your best self 

It’s not just a matter of passively waking up on the right side of the bed — a good mindset is an active step towards feeling good about yourself.

Mari stresses the importance of deliberately attracting self-love: “I was just talking to my girlfriends about this — I think that it’s super important to feel your best.”

“Whether it’s making sure you’re in the right state of mind, that you’re getting enough sleep, or taking care of your relationships — whatever you want to put under the “self-care” category.” 

Getting dolled up might be another aspect of self-care. She explains, “It affects the way you carry yourself and the energy you give off to those around you. Conversely, I think looking good can help you feel good, too.”

Photo by Ralph Mendoza

On how to rediscover yourself through style

In case anyone needed reminding—style really does help shape your identity. Whether it’s through fashion, art or other modes of expression, your sense of style can forge new paths of creativity and can better help you understand your interests and passions. 

To further lean into that, Mari suggests going forth and searching search for that spark of inspiration.

She says, “Actively look for inspiration, whether that be in people, art, culture… Don’t let others decide who you are and how you should present yourself. Wear what makes you feel good.”