MARCH 03, 2020

Here, kitty!


Cat’s out of the bag—Hello Kitty collaborates with local leather goods brand, Katre.

The experience of coming full circle is always a satisfying feeling—how bits and pieces of your past start making sense as you live the present. Kat Erro, founder of leather goods brand Katre, is no stranger to this experience. 

Kat, who founded Katre Chic Leather Goods in 2009 initially as an online brand of assorted fashion items, has always been on her grind.

Prior to opening Katre, she worked several other jobs, one of them as a sales advisor at Harvey Nichols in London, where her stint at selling bags inspired her to put up a leather goods business she would later open in Manila. 

Before her retail experience, Kat had been working since college, where she worked part-time for a fast-food chain. When she received her first salary, she decided on giving back to herself through a worthy splurge: a Hello Kitty messenger bag.

So imagine Kat’s surprise, when in 2018—many years after her fast-food job and now as the founder and designer of a successful bag label with its own stand at Greenbelt 5—Sanrio, the company behind her long-adored Hello Kitty contacted her, asking if she was interested to do a limited edition collaboration with the character she loved the most.

Indeed, The Katre x Hello Kitty Limited Edition Collection is Kat’s childhood obsession, adult milestones and business achievements coming together, full circle. 

The Katre team spent a year of designing, sourcing, sampling and making use of Sanrio’s vintage archives to come up with a five-piece leather bag collection that reflects Hello Kitty’s signature charm, Katre’s well-known craftsmanship and the timelessness of the Hello Kitty brand to people of all ages.

Peep each piece in the exclusive collection below.

The complete Katre x Hello Kitty Collection, from left to right: Picadilly Pint; double-zip Hanover midi; Camden Tourist Convertible; all leather Bumbag 2.0; Thames Camera bag

The Thames camera bag, a Katre bestseller, comes with an embossed Hello logo on one side (as shown above) and a wide-angle depiction of Hello Kitty—complete with her signature bow—on the other.

Each of the five styles comes in five different colors. Pictured above is the Katre x Hello Kitty all-leather Bumbag 2.0

The Katre X Hello Kitty Limited Edition Collection will be available exclusively at the Katre Glass House Pop-Up Store at the third floor of Greenbelt 5, and in the Katre website.