JULY 11, 2019

Fashion means feeling good: What we learned from Liz Uy and Solenn Heussaff


“Fashion is feeling good about yourself, investing in your own joy,” says host Tim Yap, sandwiched between two fashion powerhouses, Liz Uy and Solenn Heussaff, at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center.

Both women are known for their dynamic style, making them modern fashion icons for many Filipinas. As It Girls with substantial followings, Liz and Solenn are admired for their style, inspiring the millions of women who follow them online to try and experiment with clothes on their own.

As the first pair of speakers at this year’s Stylist’s Closet—Ayala Malls’ curated shopping pop-up—they talk about all things fashion, and here’s what we learned.

On their personal styles

Both women are stylish in their own ways, but they each approach fashion differently. For Solenn, it’s about minimalism. “I like simplicity. I’m usually in jeans and staple pieces.”

“I have 20 staple pieces every woman should own. Like, stilettos, nice pair of jeans, perfect white shirt, perfect black little dress — I just inject my style by adding maybe like a colorful top. I’m not really the type to make patong patong, kasi it takes too much time.”

Image from @solennheussaff

Liz, known for her versatility and bold choices, opts for a more carefree approach. She notes, “I have my basics. And then, because I grew up with magazines, trends. I try all of it and incorporate it with my personal style.”

Image from @lizzzuy

On trying different styles

We’ve all looked back at our throwback photos and cringed at our past choices. Solenn and Liz are no different. Solenn narrates, “When I was young I went through different phases — I had my gothic phase, my skater phase, iba iba, not all good .

[I think] the older you get, the more comfort you find in things and the more you stick to simplicity.” 

Liz adds, “For me, I follow trends, and sometimes it didn’t work pala on me, but I thought at that time, it did. But it’s all part of the fun.”

On Manila’s style landscape

One look at Manila’s bustling streets and you’ll be able to clock in on the city’s diverse style. When asked what “Manila style” is, both women beamed at the positive direction it seems to be taking.  Solenn comments, “It’s very experimental nowadays. Before medyo safe [parin].”

Liz adds, “I think more Los Angeles (LA) yung style natin. Because of the weather — it’s very tropical. At night, it’s LA din, because we follow what’s in Hollywood.”

They also emphasized the need to highlight our own talents. Solenn says, “Filipinos are really emerging when it comes to fashion, also in our local trends.” Liz adds, “I hope they recognize our talents and materials.”

Solenn at the Stylist’s Closet talk

On reinventing yourself through fashion

Style is something personal and expressive — it’s an avenue to rediscover yourself over and over again. Solenn states that when it comes to trying new things, inspiration is the best way to go.

She says, “The easiest way to go is the peg. So maybe pick 3-5 style icons. You put the three or the five together and see what they have in common in their styles.”

“From there, invest in key pieces, you don’t need to buy a whole wardrobe. Stick to five to ten basics and then your pegs.”

For Liz, authenticity is key. “Be authentic. If you just copy, it’s not gonna work for you.” The sentiment is echoed between the three, and as Liz puts it, “It’s self-expression. You can’t take that away, it’s art.”

Liz at the Stylist’s Closet talk

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