JULY 28, 2019

Eat, drink, and be merry


From neon signs and modern seating to classic favorites and exciting new joints, Glorietta’s renovated Food Choices opens up a world of culinary possibilities.

Following its closing early this year for renovations, with the promise of something better and more dynamic, Glorietta 4’s Food Choices was again made open to the public on July 26. The space was bursting with ardor and vibrant energy as people gathered for a holy mass to bless the new beginning, before celebrating with — what else? — an easygoing feast comprising must-try menu items from establishments both familiar and novel.

The subtle monochromatic palette of the tables and chairs is offset by bright plants and fun neon signs.

Doing away with the average concept of what a food court should look like, the updated Glorietta Food Choices favors a look that’s fresh and inviting, with warm wood details, chic and modern chairs, tables with a range of textures and finishes, and a subtle monochromatic palette offset by bright green plants and, all over the place in the best way, fun and colorful neon signs that are sure to make every foodie amused (and maybe even a little jealous). The large windows welcome not only views of the surrounding area, but also plenty of natural light, making the eating experience as picturesque as it is comfortable and delicious.

The new space has a relaxed atmosphere that encourages diners to stay awhile and enjoy themselves.

While the mall experience tends to have a grab-it-and-go approach to eating out, the new space has a relaxed atmosphere that encourages staying awhile and taking time to enjoy yourself, whether you’re alone or with company. The versatility of the interiors makes it a perfect place for family brunch, grabbing coffee with friends to catch up, or even sneaking in a little work and productivity.

With a selection of new and experimental concepts, you’ll want to keep coming back to try everything, but seeing familiar establishments in a whole new light — sometimes literally — can also be exciting.

You can’t go wrong with beef pepper rice from Tokyo fast-steak favorite Pepper Lunch, paired with Shake! Shake! Salad. There’s also Banh Mi Kitchen’s classic sandwich, with Vietnamese ham, roast pork, and fresh veggies, best with their coffee or tea.

If you can still go with a little Asian flair, few can measure up to Gong Cha’s milk tea. Kraken Takoyaki has go-to flavors like green onion and tamago, but if you want to be a bit more adventurous or indulgent, try the ones with smoked bacon and cheeses — topped with nori and bonito, of course.

The difference in Nitro 7’s nitrogen-infused cold-brew tea and coffee can be tasted and felt in one sip.

Nitro 7 prides itself on being the first to serve nitrogen-infused cold-brew coffee and tea in the country, and you can taste and feel the difference in one sip. The basic black brews are excellent on their own, but grab a friend or two and try a bunch of flavors and variants together, from the milk and fruit teas to the different takes on coffee. Pro-tip: The hazelnut caramel mocha is a bestseller, for good reason.

You’ll want to make a habit out of Pure Nectar’s selection of healthy smoothies and pressed juices.

If you’d rather drink something much healthier, try Pure Nectar’s selection of smoothies and pressed juices. Enjoy the comfort of a strawberry banana yogurt smoothie or dalandan cane juice, or check out interesting combos of greens, veggies, and fruit, like the Cold Defender (orange, pineapple, and carrot) or the Olympian (red beet, apple, and pineapple). If you want to go all-out, try the Green Supreme. Either way, the sleek bottles, pretty colors, and bold, nourishing flavors will have you making a habit of it.

Cassalu’s Dozen Flavors cheesecake has become an online sensation.

For dessert, there’s no better choice than Cassalu Coffee & Kitchen’s Dozen Flavors cheesecake, which has been making the rounds on the internet as a viral sensation. Their blueberry cheesecake is the right balance of sweet and tart, but if you’d rather experience something new, go local with the ube halaya or all-out with the brownie and cookie dough.

Food Choices can be found on the third floor of Glorietta 4.