JULY 30, 2020

Class is in session


In a creative rut? Nude Floor’s #nudefloorsessions might just have the workshop for you.

With all this time spent indoors, we’re all bound to think of ways to use it (at least somewhat) productively. In these four or so months under lockdown — we’re losing track — many have explored different interests, hobbies, and maybe even careers.

To help out creatives and all kinds of freelancers, the dance and creative studio Nude Floor set up a series of online workshops called #nudefloorsessions, running until this Sunday, August 2.

In the series, which runs alongside their regular (now online) dance lessons, Nude Floor collaborated with expert contributors from various creative fields such as fashion, illustration, dance, film, and more. 

The last few talks include “Photography: Finding your hugot” with fashion photographer Koji Arboleda today (July 30) at 5:30 p.m., “Abstract Figures” with textile designer Ana La ‘O at 2:30 p.m. and “Meditation & Sound Bath” with filmmaker Nicky Daez at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday (July 31), and “Designing a Brand Identity” with graphic designer Paulina Ortega at 2:30 p.m. and “Fashion Design” with fashion designer Sassa Jimenez at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday (August 1). 

Here, we talk to Shayna Cua, co-founder of Nude Floor about how these workshops came to be, how they chose the instructors, and their plans post-lockdown.

How did the idea for #nudefloorsessions come about?

SHAYNA CUA: #nudefloorsessions has always been an initiative of Nude Floor since the beginning.

Inspired by all the different ways creatives shape the world around us, #nudefloorsessions is a way to share and celebrate them by giving them the ‘floor’ to express their creativity and tell their stories across different communities — whether it be from dance, art, music and more. 

The past few months have been trying times for the studio and for the freelance/artist community as a whole.

We used this time to re-evaluate our goals, priorities and values to help us navigate through the next steps and ultimately be able to provide something that we felt could support and uplift our community. 

We found ourselves going back to the reason why we built Nude Floor in the first place, which has always been to provide creatives with a forum that offers a sense of total freedom — from a movement, visual, and artistic standpoint. A space for honest, uncompromised self-expression. 

We hoped to refuel this by taking #nudefloorsessions online and providing live workshops for this month.

100 percent of the proceeds from this month goes to all the contributors involved. 

How did you go about choosing the topics and instructors?  

We wanted to put together a well-rounded month of workshops that included a variety of classes from different creative fields (from branding and design, illustration, dance, film, and more) and also offer topics that are necessary to freelancers/artists during this time (taking your services online, Designing a brand identity, etc.) 

This project is a collaborative effort between Nude Floor and the contributors we invited individuals who are experts in their fields, passionate about what they do and willing to share. 

The aim is to support and uplift our creative community; not only to help contributors out monetarily (some contributors could choose to donate their time back into the pool for ones who need it more) but also for freelancers/artists to share what they love doing and who they are. 

We also wanted the audience to try something new or get a creative release from this situation that we are in right now. 

With the rate things are going, it looks like we’re still going to be in lockdown for a while. Are you planning any other online programs?

#nudefloorsessions this July was just the beginning. In the near future, as we learn to adapt with the new environment there are plans to roll out more online programs and maybe go into more depth for each topic and create collaborative projects. Anything is possible!

What has the response been like? Are there any plans of integrating these workshops into your regular classes post-lockdown?

The response for #nudefloorsessions has been good; we are so grateful for how the community can come together and support each other during this time.

We feel that our existing audience is growing with us and we continue to build our community with #nudefloorsessions online. 

We have seen connections being made through these classes and it’s so exciting to see what collaborative projects people come up with — keeping art alive during a time like this is essential. 

On integrating the workshops — yes, it has definitely always been something that we wanted to expand on. 

In the past year we have held one off workshops in film, cinematography, sound bath, meditation and even dance/music events. 

Post-lockdown, we will look into integrating non-dance classes more regularly. We would also love to hear what classes people would be interested in!


Catch the last few #nudefloorsessions from today until Sunday, August 2. If you have any class suggestions or need more information, follow them on Instagram and Facebook, or drop them a line at hello@nudefloor.com.

And when this is all over, visit them at the third floor of Ayala Malls Circuit, Makati City.