AUGUST 28, 2020

Smart way to park


This world-class, contactless system makes parking your car such a breeze.

This year has changed the way we do malling. While waiting for the things to go back to normal, we’re now slowly and safely rekindling our love with shopping and dining at the mall.

As part of avoiding the virus, we’ve opted for contactless payments as well, which is why Ayala Malls has devised a smart way to park your vehicle, lessening contact and making coming in and out of the mall fast and safe.

Dubbed as the Ayala Malls Intelligent Parking System, this smart technology makes the lives of driving mall goers way easier, with features that are the same as the technology installed in the world’s best airport—Changi in Singapore.

Ayala Malls Manila Bay aims to make parking a breeze for its customers.

Now, how exactly can a parking lot be smart? We count the ways.

Look Ma, no cards!

If you’re one of those who perpetually suffer from mini-heart attacks upon misplacing their parking cards, then say goodbye to your object of dread. Shared parking cards are also counted as public surfaces, which might be possible carriers of germs and bacteria when you touch them.

Ayala Malls’ Intelligent Parking System automatically detects your plate number from the entrance, allowing you to pay your parking fee in Autopay stations, sans the need for any card. All you have to do is remember the last four digits of your plate number!

Pay parking fees at the Autopay station.

While cash transactions are still accepted, users also have the option to pay via GCash or a BPI QR code. After the transaction, you’ll receive a receipt that confirms your payment.

The car hunt ends now

Figuring out where you parked can be a real chore—you’ve gone up and the down the parking space only to remember that your car is at a different floor, or worse, that you’ve brought another car or rode public transport to the mall.

Autopay stations are equipped to help customers find their cars.

Finding your car is now made easy—all you have to do is input the last four digits of your plate number in the Autopay station, and it will show exactly where your car was parked. No more aimless walking around the parking lot!

Better safe than sorry

While parking lot roving guards do their best to keep tabs on our vehicles, it helps to have the right technology to make sure cars are safe—even if there’s no one making the rounds.

Ayala Malls’ Intelligent Parking system has added CCTV coverage, real-time monitoring for all parked vehicles, and prominent LED indicator guides at the entrance of and around the parking lot, making sure your car is located where you left it.

Car surveillance is kept constant with the Intelligent Parking System.

Each Autopay station is also equipped with a Help Center button, for you to speak to a customer support representative if you’re faced with parking concerns.

The Ayala Malls Intelligent Parking System is already operational in Ayala Malls Manila Bay, and will soon be employed in the Ayala Malls near you. That way, going to the mall becomes new normal-approved, where you can have a safe malling experience you can actually enjoy.

Experience the Ayala Malls Intelligent Parking System now at Ayala Malls Manila Bay, and expect to get the same high-tech parking service in more Ayala Malls in the coming months.