JUNE 20, 2020

A chip off the old block


Celebrate Father’s Day with movies and shows you can watch with good ol’ Dad. 

My dad and I are as close as they come — we’ve gone to the park in the morning to take a walk and get ice cream after, grocery shopping is never a chore because we like to make the same jokes about the produce, we even still quote a single obscure Bubble Gang sketch from years and years ago that nobody else seems to remember. But if there’s one thing we love bonding over above anything else, it’s sitting down and watching a movie or show that we’re both obsessed with. 

There’s no shortage of good dads in pop culture, so here’s a list of movies and TV series you can watch with your dad — or any father figure you have.

Eighth Grade

Funny, heartwarming, and painful in its realness, Eighth Grade introduces Kayla, an introvert who posts uplifting videos about gaining self-confidence online while navigating alienation and awkwardness in school. She’s supported, with equal parts earnestness and difficulty, by her single father, who stands by his daughter as best as he can.

Single Parents

In this sitcom, divorced father Will has focused too much on raising his daughter to retain any time left for himself. When the other single parents from her school notice how invested he’s become with his parenting, they come together at his side to help him see that parenthood is about sacrifice, but it also means taking what you can for yourself.


Told only through laptop screens, unfolding in a series of web pages, video files, and video calls, Searching follows a widower as he tries to look for his missing daughter. Aided by the local police department, he continues to unravel the mystery of her disappearance and bring her to safety despite media sensationalism and frightening odds.

The Nice Guys

A murdered adult film star and a missing young woman lead two bumbling private eyes, Jackson Healy and Holland March, down a path of corruption, malice, and too many black eyes in this comedic neo-noir. Through their exploits, they are aided by Holly, Holland’s precocious, no-nonsense daughter.

Defending Jacob

When a shocking murder takes place in a small town, assistant district attorney Andy Barber finds himself in over his head and is torn between his duty to uphold justice and his love for his family when his 14-year-old son turns out to be one of the suspects.