APRIL 05, 2020

A call to action


You’re already doing your part by staying home, but here are more ways to contribute to the cause and get involved.

It can be difficult to grasp that we are now facing a potentially life-changing health crisis. It’s a dark time with steadily increasing cases of CoVID-19 from different parts of the world, cities in lockdown, and major industries closed, which also means that jobs of the vulnerable sectors of our society are compromised.

Lives have been disrupted as we all share the constant discomfort and uncertainty of the next few months, but for some families, their days are lived with an added fear of hunger and unemployment because more than the threat of getting sick, their job security can’t be promised. As we all hope for the virus to taper off, and while the majority of us will be cooped up inside our homes for weeks, frontliners continue to risk their safety, and it’s only right for us to put our energy into a meaningful cause if we can.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but even in a small way, we can find a way forward and have some control by doing what we can on our end to help the situation. Here are some ways on how you can do your part to support the cause including links where you can send help from your homes.

Protect our healthcare workers

There’s a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) in several hospitals in the country. Our medical workers’ jobs become more life-threatening when even they can’t protect themselves and their patients from contracting the virus because of the lack of protective gears. The Office of the Vice President with Kaya Natin! Movement has set up a ticketing site where you can buy PPEs through vouchers, which will then be distributed to hospitals in need. You can also contribute without spending by donating your existing Globe Rewards points to their partner hospitals through the Rewards app.

Make monetary donations

Daily wage earners are left without a choice but to halt their livelihoods. It’s already hard as it is to think of the repercussions of this pandemic to our health and economy, but more so for families who already struggle to make ends meet and rely on daily income to feed themselves. Through Zero Hunger PH’s initiative, you can chip in your extra cash to help these households here. Lockdown Cinema is also looking for help to fund displaced film workers, and in exchange they’re offering free access to local directors’ works.

On top of this the UP Medical Foundation also needs financial aid to fund production of testing kits. The rising number of cases only means we have to continuously trace, test, and isolate to flatten the curve.

Buy from or donate to food drives

Boost the morale of our frontliners by sending them hot and healthy meals through CloudEats’s packed meal options. You can send food to healthcare workers starting at P648 which is already equal to 10 meals. Foodtray2go also accepts donations to continue their efforts in feeding our frontliners in Metro Manila for as low as P86 per meal. There’s no need to worry about logistics as they take care of the deliveries to hospitals and checkpoints around the capital.

Volunteer your skills

Access to information is more vital now than ever, and it needs to be passed on quickly without sacrificing comprehension. Materials need to be released continuously to accompany the crucial flow of new information and preventative measures, including calls for donation of various organizations. If you have time to spare, you can volunteer to write and design materials for RITM, or translate official releases to another local language to reach more of our kababayans and help fight misinformation. 

You can also retweet and share posts of calls for donations to your profiles, and iVolunteer together with various groups created fundraising projects for vulnerable communities and can appreciate a boost to reach more people.

For a more comprehensive list on how you can help, check the directory of helpfromhome.ph.